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Introducing La Motte
Introducing La Motte
Preis €69,75 €62,90
Introducing Morgenster
Introducing Morgenster
Preis €95,55 €89,90
Introducing Under Oaks
Introducing Under Oaks
Preis €107,40 €98,90
Introducing Kleine ZalzeIntroducing Kleine Zalze
Introducing Kleine Zalze
Preis €66,75 €62,90
Introducing Springfield
Introducing Springfield
Preis €80,05 €76,90
Introducing Gabriëlskloof
Introducing Gabriëlskloof
Preis €119,10 €109,90
Discover South Africa
Discover South Africa
Preis €98,00 €95,90


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With us you get high quality wine from South Africa. You can choose from well-known large wineries such as Buitenverwachting, Kleine Zalze and La Motte as well as small, individual "boutique farms". We attach great importance to the quality of our wines. For this reason we are in close contact with our wineries and winemakers. So that you also have access to the best wines from South Africa, our wines are delivered throughout Europe.

Buy South African wine online - The WineStore

At The WineStore you can get wines from Constantia, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and many other regions. With wineries like Kleine Zalze, Boekenhoutskloof, Buitenverwachting, La Motte and many others, South Africa is committed to producing premium quality wines. For this reason, South Africa is now one of the best wine countries in the world. We at The WineStore have therefore made it our goal to bring outstanding wine from South Africa with an above-average price-performance ratio to Germany. We want to give you the opportunity to convince yourself of the unique quality of the wines.

Ordering from The WineStore is easy

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a wine novice - you will always find the right wine with us. We at The WineStore have set ourselves the goal of making the shopping process as easy as possible. You can always find the right wine for any occasion through the "Discover" menu. Looking for wines for specific dishes? No problem, at The WineStore you will always find the right wine under the category "Food"

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We are also happy to assist you personally. If you have any questions about our wines and offers, you can reach us either by email: or by phone: +49 163 7190 995. We are also happy to keep you up to date on new offers. You can easily subscribe to our newsletter and stay "up to date".

Why wine from South Africa?

Wine from South Africa is more popular today than ever before and there are good reasons for that. One is the diversity of South Africa's wine regions. South Africa's vines grow on the oldest soils in the world. However, this alone does not result in the enormous diversity of wines in the wine country of South Africa. South Africa is often called a "biodiversity hotspot" and there is a reason for that. 

South African wines - their specialities

There is more plant diversity on Table Mountain alone than in the whole of England! This spectrum of different climates results in an incredible vegetative richness, which has a strong impact on the wines. For this reason, no two South African wines are the same. This is what makes South African wines so interesting. 

The diversity of South African wine

On the other hand, South African viticulture has grown significantly in the last two decades. Thus, ultra-modern cellar techniques and environmentally friendly cultivation methods make wine from South Africa an extraordinarily prestigious product. With the Pinotage South Africa offers its own national grape, which enjoys more and more attention on the international wine market. But also Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay from South Africa have a high reputation among wine connoisseurs. For this reason, we would like to give you the opportunity to enjoy this unique wine from South Africa at home.

South Africa Wine Online Shop with detailed description

In the South Africa wine Online shop of The WineStore you will find over 30 wineries with their assortment.
Each wine is tasted by us before it ends up in the shop and comprehensively described for you. Which wine goes with which food, what is special about the grape variety, what makes a Pinotage from Franschhoek , for example, and how long can I store the wine? You will find the answers in our Online shop for wine from South Africa.

So, whether you want to order a Pinotage from Diemersfontein, the classic The Chocolate Block from Boekenhoutskloof, a fine Holden Manz wine or a Springfield Life From Stone Sauvignon, with The WineStore you always get good red wine and fine white wines. Also try our exclusive Online wine tastings and Wine Collections. We will take care of your request.