Coravin wine systems

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Coravin wine system - Explanation

Conventional wine preservation systems delay the oxidation of wines. The Coravin wine system is different. The Coravin system does not require the removal of corks and thus contributes to a greatly increased longevity of the wine. The wine thus remains in its original state and tastes as desired even after a long time.

To do this, a Coravin needle is gently pressed through the cork without displacing the cork material. The cork closes again immediately as soon as the needle is removed.

Wines that are equipped with a screw cap can also be used. In this case, the conventional screw cap is replaced with a Coravin silicone screw cap. This specially developed accessory allows about 50 uses with the Coravin needle due to a silicone lining. The Coravin silicone screw cap can then be replaced with a new cap.

The wine is extracted from the bottle using pure argon gas. This ensures that the remaining wine never comes into contact with oxygen and thus remains fresh.
Wine System - Function

The Coravin wine system is easy to use. Insert the needle, tilt the bottle and pour. First, the trigger is pressed to remove air from the needle. Then the Coravin wine system is placed on the bottle and the needle is pushed through the cork. Then, the desired amount of wine is dispensed by selectively adding argon gas from the cartridges. 

The Coravin system can be used for all still wine bottles. The Coravin Model Six Core and the Coravin Model Eleven are used with the same steps.

Coravin System - Models and Accessories

With each Coravin Pure cartridge you can pour an average of approximately 15 glasses (150 ml) of wine. To get the most out of each Coravin Pure cartridge, we recommend that you set the regulator to a lower pouring speed. If you hear a hissing sound when you put the bottle down after pouring, you are using more argon than necessary. You can optimise consumption by reducing the amount of argon poured out. If the level in the bottle is low, more argon will be consumed. If you expect to finish the remaining wine on the same day, you should therefore uncork the bottle.

Coravin wine system and accessories - Online order in store

In our Online store we offer a very wide range of Coravin wine systems. The offer includes the Coravin systems Coravin Model Three, Coravin Model Six Core and the Coravin Model Eleven.

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