Suedafrikanische Gins

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Clemengold Gin
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Equinox 79 Wildcraft Gin
Equinox 79 Wildcraft Gin Happy Valley Distillery Môreson
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Fynbos Gin
Fynbos Gin
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South African Gins - Online order in store

The Clemengold Gin the Hope on Hopkins Distillery or the Equinox 79 Wildcraft Gin from Winery Môreson are among the classics from South Africa. The gins from South Africa delight Gin lovers around the world.

In our Online store you will find besides a large selection of South African white wines and South African red wines also gins from South Africa. The WineStore ( allows the very easy and reliable ordering of Gin from South Africa.

Gin - What exactly is Gin?

The basic alcohol of Gin is classically made from grain or potatoes. Therefore, it resembles vodka in its nature. In South Africa, grapes and other fruits are also used to produce the alcohol. Thus the Equinox 79 Wildcraft Gin from Winery Môreson for example, is made from Chardonnay grapes.

To make Gin various berries, fruits and spices, also called botanicals, are added to the base alcohol. This process is also described as maceration process. Each Gin usually contains several botanicals. The Clemengold Gin of Hope on Hopkins distillery even contains 9 botanicals. 

Gin - Origin and history

Gin originally comes from from the Netherlands where already in the 16th century schnapps was distilled from juniper berries. There is Gin among the locals as "Genever" known. After the end of the 80-year war, the soldiers of the British Army brought the liquor to England. There it was renamed "Gin" because of the difficult pronunciation.

Gin - Smell and taste

Gin has similar to Red wine, Rosé and White wine different flavor aromas. These depend strongly on the botanicals used and range from fresh citrus notes as in Clemengold Gin to spicy aromas as in Equinox 79 Wildcraft Gin. Typical Gin aromas are also lavender, cinnamon, flowers, oranges and lemons.

Gin From South Africa

The special thing about South African Gins is the strong diversity of flavors. Due to the different basic alcohols as well as the numerous botanicals, a high diversity is given. In addition Gin from South Africa is a flagship for sustainability and environmental protection. South Africa started early to implement transparent standards with the "Biodiversity & Wine Initiative". The renunciation of chemical pesticides and the preservation of plant species is a strong focus here.