Winery Under Oaks

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The Dark Secret 2019
Britz Brothers The Dark Secret
Price €22,90

(26,53 €/ l)
incl. VAT plus shipping costs

The Bold Secret 2018
Britz Brothers The Bold Secret
Price €19,90

(26,53 €/ l)
incl. VAT plus shipping costs

French Flair 2015
  • Gilbert Gaillart 92 points
Under Oaks French Flair 2015
Price €22,90

(30,53 €/ l) incl. VAT
plus shipping costs

Gemini 2018
Price €17,90

(25,20 €/ l) incl. VAT
plus shipping costs

Merlot 2016
Price €16,90

(22,53 €/ l) incl. VAT
plus shipping costs

Sauvignon Blanc 2021
Under Oaks Sauvignon Blanc
Price €11,90

(15,87 €/ l)
incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Winery Under Oaks

Under Oaks is an established family-owned winery located in the picturesque Cape Winelands town of Paarl. Here the Britz family produces fine boutique wines and offers their guests an unforgettable wine experience. In addition to the wine cellar, the farm is also home to idyllic accommodation and an excellent pizzeria.

The property is a working farm deeply rooted in ancient South African history, dating back to 1695. The first vintage of Under Oaks wine was bottled in 2001. The historic cellar was completely renovated in 2014.

A special feature of Under Oaks are the two sons JP and Matt, quasi the South African equivalent of Max & Moritz ;-) The so-called "Britz Brothers" are obsessed with cattle breeding, ecology, viticulture and agriculture. The brothers discovered their business acumen early on. At the age of 12 and 14, they started growing watermelons and supplying them to the fruit market in Cape Town. They entered the wine industry with their "The Secret" wine range and have since been creating excellent wines together with winemaker Bertus Fourie without revealing which grape varieties are behind them.

  • Founded:

  • Address:

    Noord Agter - Paarl Rd, Paarl, 7620, South Africa
  • Area:

    60 Ha
  • Max & Moritz Favourite wine:

    Under Oaks Gemini
  • Tasting Room:

    daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. clock

Winemaker: Berta's fourie

Run by the Britz family, the winery is known for its very talented winemaker Bertus Fourie. Every year, he conjures up distinctive wines and wins numerous awards worldwide. The philosophy of Under Oaks is called 'Boutique Style'. This means that the wines are only made from the best grapes of each vintage. Consequently, the wines are only available in small quantities and very high quality. The winemaker Bertus Fourie is best known for his chocolate/coffee Pinotages at the Diemersfontein Estate. He is considered the inventor of this coffee wine style.