Ken Forrester Winery

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FMC 2021
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Ken Forrester FMC Chenin Blanc 2021
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Ken Forrester Winery

In 1993, he and his wife Ken Forrester and his wife Teresa took heart to rebuild the dilapidated winery, which was built in 1689 by Frederick Boot in Stellenbosch . Extensive renovation was carried out in the vineyards as well as on the rest of the estate.

Today it bears the name Ken Forrester and is known for its exquisite wines. In the middle of the picturesque wine region Stellenbosch lies the first-class Ken Forrester winery on the slopes of the Helderberg. The Ken Forrester winery is considered by many to be the home of Chenin Blanc. It is not without reason that wines like Ken Forrester's FMC win prestigious awards every year, both at home and abroad. Ken Forrester's premium wines are available in three different wine categories: Petit, Ken Forrester Range and the Icon Range.

  • Founded:

  • Address:

    Scholtzenhof farm Cnr Winery Road &, R44, Raithby, 7600, South Africa
  • Area:

    36 Ha
  • Max & Moritz Favourite wine:

    Ken Forrester FMC
  • Tasting Room:

    daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. clock

Winemaker: Ken Forrester

Winemaker and owner Ken Forrester started making wine just over a decade ago. In ten years, production has grown from an initial 400 cases to about 85,000. In the meantime, he is known worldwide as Mr. Chenin Blanc. One of his skills is obviously his keen sense of timing. Eleven years ago, he bought an abandoned wine farm that had not been farmed for about six years. This was at a time when the wine industry was in the doldrums, and like a skilled surfer, he caught the wave of expansion in the South African wine industry almost perfectly.