Luddite Winery

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Saboteur 2020
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Luddite Winery

The Luddite Winery lies on the eastern slopes of the Houw Hoek Mountain, in the wine-growing region of Overberg. The winery was Founded in 1999 and covers just 25.5 hectares. Initially, only Shiraz grapes were grown. Over time, another passion was added with the Chenin Blanc grape. But also other varieties. The owners, the couple Penny and Niels Verburg, do not think anything of modern techniques and additives in viticulture. The high quality and naturalness of its wine products is implemented by the winery Luddite Wines in the name Luddite.

This goes back to a revolutionary named Ned Ludd from the 18th century Accordingly, the mild Mediterranean climate is influenced by the nearby sea and gives the vines on the southeastern slopes of the Houw Hoek Mountains a slow and long growing season. This is also contributed by the Soils in the Bot River Valley with. They consist of clay and decomposed Schiefer. For this reason, moisture is stored for a long time and makes additional irrigation of the vines unnecessary

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  • Address:

    Van Der Stel Pass Rd, Bot River, 7185, South Africa
  • Area:

    25 Ha
  • Max & Moritz Favourite wine:

    Luddite Saboteur 2018
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    Mon. - Fri. 09:00 - 15:00 Clock

Winemaker: Niels Verburg

In 1995, the Verburg family returned to South Africa from Europe. Niels Verburg had as a flying winemaker in France, Chili, New Zealand and Australia worked and even managed to make wine in Greece. The desire to work on a small farm led her to Bot River.
Thirty years later, with three children and six dogs, the Verburgs are happy on their hill, and Luddite wines have become an established and respected brand. Niels Dispenses with technology as far as possible in the vineyard & cellar and vinifies his wines close to nature. Every single bottle of his TOP wines is numbered by hand.