Val de Vie Winery

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Barista Pinotage 2021
  • Sustainable Wine
Val de Vie Barista Pinotage
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Val de Vie Winery

The history of the Val de Vie Estatelooks back on a history of almost 300 years. Originally, the estate was granted to the Huguenot Abraham Andries le Roux in 1783.

The farm is praised for its exceptionally good wines. This is mainly due to the climatic conditions: the south-easterly winds that cool the vineyards in hot summers and the capricious storms that bring rain from the north-west in winter. As a result, many a prestigious wine award has been brought to Val de Vie.

The winemakers' philosophy is to approach the vines, the grapes and the wine as naturally as possible - and to keep human intervention to a minimum.

  • Founded:

  • Address:

    R301 Jan Van Riebeeck Dr, Paarl, 7646, South Africa South Africa
  • Area:

    300 Ha
  • Max & Moritz Favourite wine:

    Val de Vie Barista Pinotage
  • Tasting Room:

    daily from 08:00 to 17:00 clock

Winemaker: Bertus Fourie

The winemaker of the Val de Vie winery is Bertus - Mr. Starbucks - Fourie. Bertus, who is also Winemaker at Under Oaks , can call himself the inventor of the coffee-style Pinotage and has gained much fame within South Africa with it. So the name of his barista Pinotage is no coincidence.